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Reyna’s Big Sister Instinct.


*What everybody sees*

Will: Nico, get to the infirmary. You’re hurt, doctor’s orders.

*What Reyna see’s*

Will: I shall soil your innocence, plow my lustful seeds into your virgin plains and desecrate you with my scepter of perversion!!! No longer shall you be a disney twitter patted virgin!! MUAhAHaHaHAHa! *Lightning Crackle*

Reyna: *Body slams Will*

Nico’s Overprotective Friends


Nico and Will: *Cuddling non-sexually in Hades cabin*

Reyna: *Violently busts open door to Hades cabin* Your innocence will be preserved!

Nico: Wha-what are you doing!?

Reyna: *Grabs Will, flings him out the door*

Jason: *Catches Will, flies away*

Reyna: Your a precious nugget of cuteness, don’t change. *runs away*

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